The visit of the Botanical and geological Park continues through the path that allows you to visit the interior of the Gorges, you go up the path of the Gorges, groups with fluvial assistants, the return is carried out by letting the waters of the river between lava rocks, rapids and waterfalls, to experience the Gorges with the maximum adrenaline that can give canyoning. Included: neoprene wetsuit, shoes, jackets, protective helmets and accessories. Besides giving you the emotions of canyoning in Sicily, Gole Alcantara Walking is included in the price.

The duration of the river activity is about 2h.


See the Covid-19 security provisions to be adopted during the excursion

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Senior over 65
Bambini 6/12 anni
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Canyoning is a sport activity that consists in the descent of the Alcantara River in a fun way.

Activity information


2h approximately


This activity is practicable ONLY from 16 years of age and up (subject to permission of the parent or the substitute).


River rescue workers


A bathing suit and a beach towel are recommended. It is also advisable to have a good physical constitution, ability to practice swimming and spirit of adventure. Participation in the activity will remain at the discretion of river rescuers. The ONLINE booking can be made up to 24h before the excursion.

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