Body Rafting Special 2021

The route includes a visit to the Botanical and Geological Park, which allows you to visit the interior of the Gorges. You go up the path of the Gorges, in groups with river rescuers, the return is carried out by letting yourself be carried away by the waters of the river between lava rocks, rapids and waterfalls, to experience the Gorges with maximum adrenaline. Included: neoprene wetsuit, boots, jackets, protective helmets and accessories.

Gole Alcantara Walking included.


  • neoprene wetsuit
  • shoes
  • jackets
  • protective helmets

P.N. to participate in the excursion you have purchased it is mandatory to arrive at the Park at least one hour before the start of the activity. The starting time of the activity may be subject to changes that will be communicated in advance.

See the Covid-19 security provisions to be adopted during the excursion

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Body Rafting Special 2021



The adrenaline descent along the basalt Canyon.

Bookable until the day before

Activity information


River rescue workers


A bathing suit and a beach towel are recommended. It is also advisable to have a good physical constitution, swimming ability and spirit of adventure. Participation in the activity will remain at the discretion of river rescuers. The ONLINE booking can be made up to 24h before the excursion.


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